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Why GrepDomain?

Domain search process today is painful

GrepDomain came into being in 2013, as the solution to this nagging problem we were facing.

The current domain name search process consists of 4 steps: ideation, query, purchase, and monitor. The process of ideation usually ends up with a domains.txt file where the user manually lists domains searched and their availability. But the users wants to remember unavailable ones as well, to help in future ideation. In addition, the user wants to store other notes (potential use, flags, tags, etc). A text file or spreadsheet is an inefficient way to manage!

There is a need for an easy, fast, domain management tool!

GrepDomain solves the domain organization problem

GrepDomain is a web application to store and manage your domain searches and metadata. It is a one stop shop features as-you-type domain lookup and storage, whois records, domain purchase, metadata storage, and expiry tracking. It is suited for intensive use, yet fast and easy, tailored to casual and startup domain buyers.

Key Benefits

  1. Add/import domain searches easily
  2. Add metadata and tags
  3. Filter and track metadata
  4. Easier and faster

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